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Tuesday, December 23, 2003
A penny for your thoughts

I swear to god penny arcade has got to the best online comic ever. It works on so many levels I mean who doesnít want to see to teenagers playing double dash with Jesus or killing each other over a packman watch thatís right you heard me a packman watch. Penny Arcade I solute you with this entry you donít believe me try it just click on this link or are you a chicken? If you do go which you better you will see that Its got to be one of the funniest things on this earth. O by the way if you hate penny arcade put a comment on here telling me so I can hate you forever donít worry I wont put your name in bold face in some list or anything to you.


Posted at 12:32 pm by Firebird
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Monday, December 22, 2003
Great Moments In Stupidity

This entry in my blog is a special one because it will be continuously be updated and I hope will receive the most comments. The way it works is very simple as time goes on and when a stupid things happen which I deem a great moment in stupidity I post it here. But there is another part of this Entry you give me a comment and I post your comment and who its from if you like.

The first great moment in stupidity happened yesterday ok here it goes my brother and his friends go to the movies right sounds fun huh well yeah it was until stupidly struck and its name was Ben. You see after the movie they went into the mall and in the middle of the hall way and it seemed like a good Idea to Ben to kick a another kid in the nuts. In all fairness they were playing a game called catch 22 you see how you play is you see a kid that said heís playing wither heís standing in the hallway or eating his lunch you yell catch 22 and hit him in the nuts. A real intelligent game huh but thereís a twist to this game the kid he hits falls to the ground thatís right sitting in a mall hallway clutching his nuts you can bet that management is going to see this. Some guy walks over and the kid wont get up the guy starts calling......THE DREADED MALL COPS o yes so my brother picks the kid up and tells the man to forget about it. I know that if my brother hadnít pulled the kid up Ben would be grounded as we speak. and that was a great moment in stupidity

Posted at 04:13 pm by Firebird
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Sunday, December 21, 2003
What am I doing here.....what is this place

DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT IS TO FIGURE OUT HOW THIS THING WORKS!! Ok....sigh sorry I yelled but look I have been siting here for god knows how long and I cant figure how to do anything I need help. My brother tells me its real easy right well I dont know what universe he lives in but hes wrong. This thing couldent be any harder. Someone please post something I am lost.  

Posted at 09:44 pm by Firebird
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